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Restaurant listed in Michelin Guide

Michelin guide. Buckwheat noodle selected as a five star hyogo. South African Embassy Certified Restaurant. Many kinds of Japanese sake.

chef's special

Course menu Y4200 (Please order 2 or more courses)

Affordable course food. (Appetizer, sashimi, crispy burdock salad, duck's shabu-shabu (in summertime Salt-grilled sweetfish), tempura, soba, dessert) Other course meals are enriched, too.

princess set Y2200

It is very popular. It is a satisfying meal such as tempura, steamed chawanmushi (in summer time tofu), buckwheat, dessert, coffee in sashimi and seasonal dishes lunch box. Yuugozen 1080 is also handy.

Duck shabu-shabu Y4200 (Please order 2 or more sets)

Shabu shabu duck in a very delicious soup! It is exquisite. After that, you can enjoy buckwheat in a saucepan and a wide range of flavors. There are also pork or beef shabu-shabu.


Would you like to have a box lunch and go out to the castle?Reservation required.

karikarigobousaradsoba Y1100

It is original soba which eats crispy fried Burdock, salad and soba with gummy dishes. There are many other original buckwheat besides that.

sake wine beer

We will deliver a variety of sake made every season at a brewery nationwide every week. Please enjoy comparing drink by all means.


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